History of Paliwal Samaj

It is said that Paliwal Brahmins are the descendents of Maharaj Haridas. These Brahmins were born nearly 6000 thousand years back and were the royal priest of queen Rukmani. Maharaj Haridas was responsible for carrying love script of queen Rukmani to Lord Krishna. He was a true Brahmin of our caliber and dignity. He was born in village Kundanpur. Lord Krishna very happily blessed him with huge amoung of money and land in Gujrat, On which he established village Haripur on his own name which is now in the form of dilapidated building. From history there we have the records of our ancestors moving to Marvad and settling down in Pali.

Pali is a small town situated in the south of Jodhpur near Railway junction in Rajasthan. Pali is well known for handicrafts and commercial activities. Now a day’s too Loiees and Bandhej Chunaris are very popular across India. 2000 years back Pali was very huge city when our ancestor settled here. Paliwal’s have the huge contribution of this city. Pali was the then center of commercial activities have their huge residential accommodations in Mandvi, Surat, and Navagar. From there they use to expedite their business activities with Iran, Afganistan, Africa, Europe, Northern Tibet.

So, It is evident that due to living in Pali we all are called Paliwal’s. According to the book “India Cast” authored by Mr. Wilson suggests that Pali was the hub of business and nearly a hundred thousand Paliwal’s were living in Pali itself and they all were very rich and famous.